Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum order quantity? 

Our minimum order quantity for screen-printed apparel is 48 pieces and 24 pieces for embroidery.

What is your production time?

Our standard production time for apparel orders of 48 pieces is 12-14 business days. Please check with us on orders for less than standard production time. UPS ground shipping time vary between 1-4 days depending upon where you live.

Can I make changes after my order has been placed?

Additions to any order already approved and in process will be considered a new order.

How is pricing figured?

When it comes to pricing, there are three things that determine the cost.
1. The total Quantity of items in the order.
2. The Garment Style/brand
3. The Number of Ink Colors used and the number of print locations. 

Pro Tip: If you’re looking to save money, limiting your ink colors, increasing your order quantity, or selecting a different garment style may lower your cost.

Our Minimum order quantity for screen-printed apparel is 48 pieces and 24 pieces for embroidery.

Are there art fees?

Nope! We do not charge art fees for designing your project for our minimum order of 48 pieces. Custom artwork is $65.00 an hour for orders of printed apparel under 48 pieces.

What if I need help with my online design placement and sizing?

We know that sometimes it can be difficult to get perfect design placement and sizing when customizing or creating your design in our online Design Studio. Therefore, if you have any specific requests regarding your design that you just couldn’t seem to make work in the online Design Studio, please note them on your order during checkout under “Add Instructions” on the same page where you choose your shipping options. For example, “Please make sure the design is centered,” or “Design size should be exactly 10” tall.” Please limit these requests to design placement or sizing issues, as you will NOT be sent a new design proof with the adjustments. If you need more detailed customization of a design, please feel free to contact us; we will be happy to work with you personally via phone and email to create the perfect design for you!

Can you help me with design?

Yes we also offer graphic design services. Please give us a call at 903.939.8536.

Can you help me find products that are not shown on your website?

We would be happy to help you find alternative sizes or products! Please give us a call at 903.939.8536.

Can I print or copy trademarked designs?

We cannot print trademarked designs or exact copy designs. Customers are responsible for the originality of their design. 413 will not be held liable for unknowingly printing trademarked designs. All art created by 413 is the sole property and copyright of 413. 413 Strengthgear is not liable for infringement of copyright laws on customer design requests.

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